NMU Offers Dual Enrollment Course in Education

Jan. 18, 2023 —
Beginning this semester, Northern Michigan University is partnering with Bark River-Harris (BR-H) High School to offer NMU's first dual enrollment course in the field of education. Sixteen students from BR-H and three to five students from Nah Tah Wahsh Public School Academy are participating in the course, Schooling in America. The goals are to give students the opportunity to gain college credits while in high school, and to potentially interest them in pursuing a career in education.

Alumni Screen 'Iron Town' Documentary

Jan. 16, 2023 —
Two Northern Michigan University alumni collaborated on a 20-minute independent documentary titled The Iron Town, which delves into Negaunee's mining history, current issues, and the key role that outdoor recreation is playing in guiding the city's future. Both will discuss the making of the film, with a screening to follow, at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum. The project premiered at the 2022 Fresh Coast Film Festival. 

Aumann: A.I. Chatbots Altering Education

Jan. 16, 2023 —
NMU Philosophy Professor Antony Aumann is featured prominently in a "New York Times" story on how students' increasing use of A.I. chatbots is prompting universities to restructure courses and take preventive measures. He continues to field numerous interview requests as other media worldwide have focused on the topic. Aumann said a red flag went up in response to a paper submitted in his world religions class last semester. After confronting the student, who ultimately confessed to using ChatGPT to write it, Aumann planned to implement changes in his courses this month.