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NMU Dedicates Shimadzu Laboratory

New Book Sheds Light on George Shiras III

Dec. 5, 2019 —
Northern Michigan University professor James McCommons recently published a definitive biography of George Shiras III (1859-1942), the groundbreaking wildlife photographer who honed his techniques in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. But that work often overshadows perhaps Shiras' most notable achievement: establishing the legal foundation for what became the Migratory Bird Treaty Act while serving in Congress. 

May's Single Parenting Essay Appears in 'Times'

Dec. 4, 2019 —
"The New York Times" recently featured a piece written by Northern Michigan University English professor Rachel May titled "Love is Not a Tally Sheet." May reflected on adopting a son born prematurely, against her parents' strong objections, and what single parenting taught her about accepting help. May is the author of "An American Quilt" and is working on a memoir. 

U.P. Apple Culture Explored

Dec. 2, 2019 —
Apple pie is a popular dessert served at many holiday celebrations. The regional cultivation history of the fruit, from native crab apples to modern hobby orchards, is the subject of a book co-authored by NMU professor of history emeritus Russ Magnaghi and alumnus David Smith (‘18 BS). Apple Culture in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin Border is described as the first study dealing with an aspect of agriculture in an area better known for mining and timber.

NMU Dedicates Medicinal Plant Chemistry Lab

Nov. 26, 2019 —
Fueled by the rapid growth of its first-in-the-nation medicinal plant chemistry program, Northern Michigan University recently held a dedication for its new Shimadzu Analytical Core Laboratory for Medicinal Plant Sciences. Undergraduate students in the rigorous chemistry program have rare access to cutting-edge instrumentation and technology applicable to numerous career options in and beyond the burgeoning cannabis industry.