Employee Union Participates in Pushup Challenge

UAW Local 2178 member and challenge participant Ben Chaney does a pushup in his office.

Eleven members of Northern Michigan University's administrative/professional union, UAW Local 2178, participated in a global pushup challenge during Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month in September. They completed 10,272 pushups. The International Sports Science Association (ISSA) initiated the challenge with a goal of 2.2 million worldwide and far exceeded that with more than 3 million pushups pledged.

“The UAW Local 2178 is committed to supporting our members and the Northern community,” said President Andrew Hill. “We all know the pandemic has caused a great amount of personal struggles across all age groups, especially college students who are facing big obstacles right now to reaching their education and careers goals. The mental toll of the pandemic has also been linked to suicides, which is a leading cause of death among people ages 10-24.

“Participating in this global push up challenge as part of National Suicide Awareness an Prevention Month was an opportunity for our membership to help further the dialogue and advancing the resources needed to help those in need. We also saw that physical activity was a good way to help our membership work through any anxiety or stress they may be experiencing.”

UAW Local 2178 member Scott Smith presented the idea to the executive committee and coordinated the union's participation in the challenge.

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