NMU Hosts 'Last Place on Earth' Art Exhibit

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Northern Michigan University's DeVos Art Museum is showcasing the work of Jan Manniko, who created Copper Country-inspired drawings and paintings. The exhibit will continue through Nov. 15 and is free to the public. Masks are required. 

Nearly 40 works spanning the late artist's career are on display. They include mine buildings, landscapes and emotional depictions of people that provide a “tender, decades-long look into the culture of the Copper Country.”

Manniko was born in Chicago in 1933. She demonstrated a passion for art beginning in her childhood. She studied at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla., and The Art Institute of Chicago before returning to the Copper Country in the early 1960s. 

Until her passing in 2013, Jan lived and worked alongside her husband, Tom Manniko, a skilled woodcarver, in Allouez, Mich. They sold their wares alongside an eclectic array of antiques and found bottles in the iconic red building emblazoned with “The Last Place on Earth.” The store is home to many more Manniko originals.

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Jessica-Ann Woodard
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