NMU Pre-Med Among 'Best Affordable' in U.S.

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Northern Michigan University ranks 16th among the “40 Best Affordable Pre-Med Degree Programs” in the United States, according to 2020 rankings released by Affordable Schools. The listing factored in the average cost of attendance, student-to-faculty ratio and graduation rate.

NMU's intensive premedicine program, advised by chemistry professor Suzanne Williams, is designed to give students interested in medicine as a career plenty of opportunity to fully explore the field before applying to medical school. According to the program website, placement rates are “phenomenal,” with about an 80% acceptance rate for NMU premedical students who apply to medical school.

“We also offer our students opportunities to participate in high-level faculty research projects, another activity that is highly regarded by professional schools,” the website states. “[Students] might become involved in cancer or genetics research, or help research particles and fields theory, create lenses that mimic the gravity that bends light around planets, or uncover the mysteries of the aurora borealis.”

Every week, select students are invited to attend a clinical conference at the local hospital to listen to various presentations by medical experts. Every other year, NMU takes sophomores and juniors to visit Michigan medical schools so students become familiar with the facilities before they apply.

The premedical program has an advisory board comprised of NMU faculty members and local physicians. In addition to providing professional guidance, the board also conducts personal interviews with students who request one. Based on that interview, the board will prepare an evaluation letter to send to the students' professional school or schools of choice.

According to its website, Affordable Schools' mission is to aid students in making smart decisions when it comes to pursuing higher education. View the full ranking here

For more about NMU's pre-med program, visit https://www.nmu.edu/preprofessional/premedical-program.

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