NMU Students Eligible for Caregiver Scholarships

Caregiver Incentive Project (CIP), a nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of the cared for by supporting caregivers, has launched its scholarship program and is now accepting applications from Northern Michigan University students. 

CIP will award three scholarships of $2,000 each to further its mission of incentivizing students to become or continue working as paid in-home caregivers within the existing system as they attend school. 

“I am thrilled to launch our scholarship program and provide such a great opportunity for NMU students,” said Eric Paad, CIP founder and president, in a press release. “It is our hope that we can encourage students to help us solve the shortage of quality in-home caregivers. With the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the cared for, we look forward to seeing the enthusiasm from NMU students to be part of the solution.”

The scholarships are restricted to NMU students and are not dependent on field of study. Applications and supporting documents are due to CIP by Oct. 15 and the scholarships will be awarded on Nov. 16. Students can learn more and apply at www.the-cip.com.

These scholarships are made possible by a grant from Superior Health Foundation and a generous donation from David and Claudia Werner of Dexter, Mich.

The Caregiver Incentive Project aims to educate the public regarding the national crisis, provide financial incentives in the way of scholarships and stipends, and provide training for new and existing caregivers. With the efforts beginning in Marquette and a plan to expand nationally, CIP is working closely with established agencies that serve disabled and medically fragile individuals, the elderly and others requiring in-home care. 

CIP is inspired by Dorothy Paad, Eric's daughter, for whom he and his wife are in-home caregivers. Learn more about Dorothy's inspiring story here.

Videos of the inspiration and mission of the project are available on CIP's YouTube Channel. More information is available on CIP's website and Facebook Page.

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