NMU's 24/7 Study Area Open for Semester

Northern Michigan University is offering students a 24/7 study area for the entire winter semester in the lower level of Harden Hall.

Dean of Students Christine Greer said there are varied reasons students may not always be able to study in their residence hall rooms or apartments.

"By having 24/7 study lounges, colleges are being very supportive of students' academic needs," she said. "Students have different schedules and responsibilities that may make late-night studying a necessity. Now at Northern, they will know there is always a place for them to study. They don't have to think about building schedules.  If they need a quiet spot, it is available.”

Junior public relations major Lauren Rotundo said, “These study areas are a great resource for students to come and study and escape distractions at any time of the day."

The area will remain open all semester, with the exception of spring break. And during final exam week, the study lounge will return to Jamrich Hall. 


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Charlie Edwards
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