WNMU-TV to Switch Frequency July 1

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Viewers who rely on an indoor or outdoor antenna to watch WNMU-TV will need to rescan their televisions to continue receiving the signal. The station will switch frequencies at 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 1, as required by the Federal Communications Commission, so that its original channel can be repurposed for high-speed wireless services.

“This change will improve the reliability of WNMU-TV's over-the-air signal and will provide the station with improved digital TV broadcast options as enhanced programming becomes available over the next several years,” said Eric Smith, director of Broadcast and AV Services. “The rescan process is quick, easy and does not require special technical knowledge on the part of viewers.”

Smith said individuals who are unsure of how to complete the rescanning process should consult the owner's manual for their TV or search for a manual online using the make and model.

In 2016 and in response the cellular industry's need for additional radio frequency spectrum, the FCC launched its “repack project.” Selected over-the-air TV channels across the United States were directed to change frequencies to help open up airwaves for new high-speed wireless services. WNMU-TV is the only U.P. station impacted.

“All of WNMU-TV's repack costs are paid out of the auction proceeds supplied by wireless carriers who purchased the spectrum released by broadcasters,” Smith said.  “The upgraded transmitter and antenna WNMU-TV purchased provide new opportunities for offering more programming in the future, and will ensure that the public broadcasting programs enjoyed by many of the station's viewers will be available for years to come.”

Viewers with questions concerning the change may call WNMU-TV at 800-227-9668.

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