NMU Releases 10th Day Enrollment Report

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Northern Michigan University's 10th day enrollment report shows continued positive strides related to retention, as well as enrollment in graduate and online Global Campus programs. NMU has also increased the total population served through its many learning options and its Educational Access Network.

Graduate enrollment is up 6.4% overall, to 634. Global Campus headcounts have increased 16.8%, to 611. The total traditional headcount for undergraduate and graduate students is 7,368, a decrease of 4.7% compared with last year.

“The uncertainty with COVID-19 made it really difficult to get a sense for what students were planning to do for this fall; many made last-minute decisions,” said Jason Nicholas, director of Institutional Research and Analysis. “Early in the cycle, we saw indications that the numbers could potentially decrease more than they have. As the summer progressed, they improved a bit—not to the level of last year, but better than earlier projections.

“We'll probably spend the rest of the semester trying to understand the full effects of COVID-19 on our university statistics. It's hard to get a sense of what changes are based on demographic impacts versus student decision-making.”

Nicholas said the coronavirus significantly impacted Northern's ability to deliver community learning programs, but those losses were more than offset by gains in Educational Access Network subscribers. The EAN delivers high-speed internet to K-16 and tribal partners, as well as lifelong learners throughout the Upper Peninsula. It serves 6,868 people, a 48% increase over last year.

When the EAN number is combined with the traditional headcount and community learning program participants, NMU serves a total of 16,086 people across its many educational offerings.

NMU's 10th day enrollment report was released earlier than usual. The start of fall classes was moved up by a week so the holiday break can begin just before Thanksgiving.

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