NMU Board Ensures Continued Compliance with Sexual Misconduct Laws

The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees has directed the administration to ensure compliance with federal and state laws governing sexual misconduct, including the recent Doe vs. Baum ruling. In that University of Michigan case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that when a Title IX disciplinary proceeding involves competing narratives that require a credibility determination, both parties have a constitutional right to cross-examine each other and witnesses in the presence of decision-makers.

“This interim measure will allow us to comply in a quick and agile manner with the evolving legal environment related to sexual misconduct,” said Trustee Alexis Hart.

Hart chairs the board’s ad hoc policy review committee, which will analyze NMU’s student code policies related to sexual misconduct investigations and procedures. The committee will make modification recommendations to the full board at its December meeting.

“We have an excellent record of reporting and compliance in this area,” said Board Chair Robert Mahaney. “The board is not abandoning its oversight role. We will continue to exercise that with policies as they’re put in place. This just allows the administration to remain compliant in these transitional times, as efforts are underway to create a cohesive policy among all state universities.”

Today’s special meeting included one other agenda item. The board approved the recently ratified contract between NMU and its administrative/professional union, UAW 2178.

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