NMU Library Laminates Vaccine Card Copies

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Northern Michigan University's Olson Library is offering community residents free laminated copies of their COVID-19 vaccination cards through Aug. 20. The service has been available to students and employees since April, but is being extended to the community with support from a fund through the NMU Foundation.

“We want to help people feel more comfortable that their paper record has a copy that is protected against spills, tears and stains,” said Leslie Warren, dean of Library and Instructional Support. “We will copy the card and laminate the copy free of charge. Since it is unknown how the vaccination cards will be used in the future, including whether booster shots will be needed, we are not offering to laminate the original card.”

Warren said lamination may take up to 15 minutes, depending on whether the equipment needs to warm up. Patrons are welcome to leave the library after the copy is made, then come back later to retrieve it after it has been laminated.

The service is offered Monday through Friday during Olson Library's open hours (https://lib.nmu.edu/about/hours/). Olson Library is located inside Harden Hall. Parking is available in Lot 28, next to Harden Hall and Jamrich Hall.

Upper Peninsula residents aged 14 years or older are welcome to sign up for a Community Borrowing card when they visit, allowing them to borrow books and media from Olson Library. The $25 annual fee will be waived for anyone who signs up before Aug. 20.

Media Contact: Leslie Warren, lwarren@nmu.edu, 227-2117

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