Employee 'Wrestling' with a Flat Tire Gets Help

Olson (back left) and his teammates

How many Greco-Roman wrestlers does it take to change a tire? Only one, but in a case of perfect timing, a group of them happened to walk by NMU executive secretary Cindi Carlson after she left work at 6 p.m. Wednesday and discovered her car had a flat. The athletes are enrolled as students while pursuing their Olympic dreams at NMU's National Training Site.

"After being on hold for 20 minutes with my roadside assistance, standing with the jack in my hand while cars drove by without stopping, a group of students stopped," Carlson said. "Brody [Olson] asked, 'Do you need help?' I may have started crying at that point due to pure frustration. He changed my tire in 80+ degrees, told me I shouldn't drive more than 100 miles without getting the flat tire fixed and had me drive around the lot to make sure it was okay.

"I want to thank Brody and his wrestling teammates for their kindness, and also send a big thank you out to their parents for raising such thoughtful and courteous young men. The wrestling coach should also be proud; they are a fantastic group. It's definitely not how I wanted to end my day, but they reminded me why I love my job ... it's the students!"

Olson is a junior nursing major from Stewartville, Minn. Carlson works in the Academic and Career Advisement Center in C.B. Hedgcock.

A grateful Carlson with the wrestlers
A grateful Carlson with the wrestlers
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