Boyer-Davis Joins MICPA Board

Stacy Boyer-Davis

Northern Michigan University professor Stacy Boyer-Davis, who also serves as assistant department head of accounting and the MBA program in the College of Business, has been appointed to the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) Board of Directors.

“Being nominated for and selected as a member of the MICPA board is an honor and privilege, especially to advocate for statewide members of the society, specifically those of the Upper Peninsula region, and encourage students to consider this incredibly rewarding career field,” said Boyer-Davis. “My goal is to serve the MICPA and our stakeholders by promoting the accounting profession, the CPA credential, membership in the organization and cultivating the pipeline of accountants and CPA-ready applicants. My emphasis on the board of directors will be advocating for members, both current and prospective, of the Upper Peninsula region.

“My first initiative will be to campaign for an additional CPA exam testing site in the Upper Peninsula. Currently, with only one testing site in Sault Ste. Marie, our applicants may travel up to three and a half hours to sit for the exam. It is a disadvantage to them, an additional cost concern and a potential bottleneck in the CPA pipeline for the region. Long term, my service will focus on the strategic mission and initiatives of the MICPA, including member experience, service, the [CPA] pipeline and strengthening relationships to enhance the profession.”

Boyer-Davis joined MICPA in 2017, and became part of the educators' task force in 2018. She joined to network and collaborate with accounting faculty from colleges and universities in Michigan, as well as to “share pedagogic best practices and scholarship in the profession.” She is currently the chair of the educators' task force until 2024, and previously served as vice chair.

“My MICPA membership and service have enabled me to stretch my reach and make connections with members and educators from across the state,” said Boyer-Davis. “Further, my involvement with the MICPA has provided me with the opportunity to represent NMU and the U.P. It also helps to bring attention to our region and importance to the state pipeline and accounting community.”

To join the board MICPA board, Boyer-Davis went through a competitive selection process. Her term officially began Sept. 1 and continues until Aug. 25, 2025.


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Max McCullough
Student Writer