Committee Seeks Big Ideas for Potential Investment

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An Internal Campaign Planning Committee composed of faculty, staff and students will facilitate the collection of proposals and opportunities with broad university scope that, with potential philanthropic investment, would enhance Northern’s levels of innovation and excellence. The committee will be responsible for developing and presenting recommendations to the NMU Administration, the NMU Foundation and their respective boards as part of the ramp-up to a proposed campaign currently scheduled to begin in 2020.

 “Fundraising is new territory for me, and I realize this is a great opportunity to connect faculty and their ideas with donors to create positive change that might not otherwise happen at NMU,” said Cale Polkinghorne, associate professor of Engineering Technology and committee co-chair. “We all talk about how it would be unbelievable if we could do this or that. Obtaining funds to support those kinds of things is challenging. We’re looking for major, distinctive ideas that will change departments and improve how we deliver education and serve students. The real focus is on student impact.”

The committee is developing a website featuring an online idea submission form, video presentation and its formal charge. A link will be provided in January. The committee will also be gathering and vetting ideas from the campus community through a variety of group-based and peer-to-peer methods. The committee will submit its written report to the NMU president and NMU Foundation CEO by May 2019.

“A lot of people have already been thinking about the investments in and impacts of their programs through the strategic plan, core values and SRA processes,” said Jane Surrell of the NMU Foundation, co-chair of the committee. “That is perfect preparation for determining how strategic investment can shape the future of NMU. We can identify core areas to serve as pillars of the campaign and test those concepts with donors during the silent phase. There are big ideas that haven’t been talked about or explored yet that might have major impacts across departments. A lot of discussion will take place next semester and students will be included in the dialogue.”

Other members of the NMU Internal Campaign Planning Committee are: Stacy Boyer-Davis, Business; Rhea Dever, HR; Bill Digneit, Communication and Performance Studies; Hugo Eyzaguirre, Economics; Chris Greer, Dean of Students; Carol Johnson, Business; Bridget Kyle, Athletics; Joe Lubig, Education, Leadership and Public Service; Cody Mayer, ASNMU; Jason Nicholas, Institutional Research and Analysis; Cindy Paavola, Office of the President; Brandon Sager, Engineering and Planning Robyn Stille, Alumni Relations; and Rob Winn, Arts and Sciences.

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