Cumberlidge Receives Research Award

Cumberlidge's Name on the Excellence in Research Award

Northern Michigan University Biology Professor Neil Cumberlidge has received The Crustacean Society Excellence in Research Award (TCSERA), a prestigious honor given to colleagues who have significantly advanced the field of carcinology, or crab biology. His substantial body of research on freshwater crabs was judged by the TCSERA Awards Committee to have had an overall influence on this field, as well as making a significant contribution to crustacean biology in general.

The award, an engraved plaque, was presented at the 10th International Crustacean Congress held May 22-26 in Wellington, New Zealand. Cumberlidge was not able to attend because he was working with a team of crustacean specialists in the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany. He recorded a short acceptance speech that was shown at the closing awards ceremony.

“I am extremely pleased and honored to accept The Crustacean Society Excellence in Research Award, and to join all the past recipients of this award who I have long admired and respected,” Cumberlidge said.

He also recognized his coauthors, coworkers and colleagues for their invaluable contributions over the years to their many joint projects in freshwater crab taxonomy, systematics, evolution, biogeography, parasitology and conservation.

Of more than 200 scholarly publications that Cumberlidge has to his credit, the vast majority have reported on the research he has carried out over the years in the Biology Department at NMU, many of them including NMU students as coauthors.

Find more information on The Crustacean Society Excellence in Research Award here.   

Cumberlidge's recorded acceptance speech
Cumberlidge's recorded acceptance speech
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