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As part of its community outreach, the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute at NMU has partnered with Cisco Networking Academy to offer free online, self-paced courses. May topics include introduction to cybersecurity, cybersecurity essentials and entrepreneurship, and introductory programming with Linux and Python.

All Cisco courses range from 8-60 hours of estimated time to complete. The free cybersecurity essentials course developed by the UPCI is online, instructor-led and about 60-90 minutes in length. The course focuses on best practices and tips for home network cyber hygiene. 

“The Cisco Network Academy partnership is one of many academic partnerships we have or will have to help us accomplish our mission and vision,” said UPCI director Douglas Miller. “We also feel we have an obligation to help our great community, and so offering some of these courses for free now seemed like a great idea and the right thing to do.

“With academic partnerships like we have with Cisco, we benefit from having access to current, relevant and industry-approved course content. We can incorporate that into our courses and career pathways at the UPCI and on the academic side with the information assurance and cyber defense program in the NMU College of Business.”

For more information, or to register for courses, click here, visit the UPCI website at https://www.nmu.edu/continuingeducation/cyber-hub or call 227-2103.

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