Distinguished Team: Superior Dome Consolidation/Realignment

Team members Weigand, Sager, O'Neill and Emigh

The Superior Dome Consolidation/Realignment is one of Northern Michigan University's 2022 Distinguished Team Award recipients.

This team includes Chair Brandon Sager as well as team members David Weigand, Robert Bell, Casey O'Neill, Bob Gravedoni, Joanna Emigh, Bridget Kyle, Christy Lake and Kathy Malay. 

“The members involved came together, with no real direction to take on the operation of the Superior Dome,” stated the nomination. “This group had to be open-minded in finding new approaches to the operation, programs, services and technologies to integrate the Superior Dome and the services that it provides with each of the individual departments.”

Each department taking on Superior Dome tasks and operations now has expanded its role and partnership with all of the Superior Dome users: the community, alumni, businesses, students, professors and others. 

The Superior Dome services such a wide variety of users, interacting with the public. Because of its reach, this team was able to further utilize the Superior Dome's uses, making it a tool in recruitment through exposure. 

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Nicholas Jones
Student Writer

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