Grad's Proposal 'Optimistic Sign of the Times'

Metcalfe and Transit (Ashleigh Givens photo)

NMU accounting alumnus Nick Metcalfe ('20 BS) rented a marquee on Sunday at the iconic Birmingham 8 Theatre downstate to propose to his fiancée Kiley Transit at the site of one of their first dates in high school. The Detroit Free Press highlighted their story to demonstrate that proposals in light have become “an optimistic sign of the times,” with most theaters back in business and vaccine supplies and clinics on the rise.

In recalling the pivotal date, Metcalfe told the Freep reporter they had planned dinner and a movie, but were too young to drive, so parents had to transport them. When the duo realized Lincoln, the 9 p.m. film they planned to see, was 2.5 hours long and would require a very late parental pickup, their evening was cut short.

“We didn't end up seeing any of the movie,” said Metcalfe in the story. “We just texted our parents, 'OK come and get us.'”

Read the full Free Press article by Julie Hinds here.

The couple beneath the marquee (Ashleigh Givens photo)
The couple beneath the marquee (Ashleigh Givens photo)
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