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The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Four-Year Review Team was selected for a 2021 Northern Michigan University Distinguished Team Award. Members are Daniel Cullen and Jason Nicholas of Institutional Research; Kathryn Johnson of History; Joanne Sved of Institutional Research; and Shaun Thunell of the School of Clinical Sciences. 

When NMU's institutional accreditor, the HLC, terminated the accreditation pathway NMU had participated in, NMU was required to provide compelling evidence of its strengths in a new pathway without a prior accreditation report to build from. As NMU approached the midpoint of the 10-year accreditation cycle, an institution-spanning document needed to be constructed to present NMU policies, procedures and practices. 

Beginning summer 2019, the HLC Four-Year Review Team produced what would become a 33,999 word document with more than 100 pages of narrative describing in detail NMU's operations. Over 450 evidence files were submitted. Because the team produced strong documentation of NMU's quality, the HLC peer review team recommended the finding that NMU meets all Core Components of the Criteria for Accreditation. 

“This finding—which is essential for NMU to continue to participate in Federal Student Aid without restrictions, to recruit students and faculty and for all the other essential operations of a university like ours—is a direct result of the high-caliber work of the faculty authors and supporting staff,” stated the team's award description. “Upon completion of the final draft of the narrative, the team had a distinct sense of pride. It highlights NMU's major accomplishments and commitments to each other while also providing a realistic assessment of areas for improvement.” 

NMU honored several individuals and teams during its virtual 2021 Faculty and Staff Recognition Celebration. Employees were also honored for years-of-service milestones and retirement during the event. See all of those highlighted, along with the award winners, here.

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