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The Northern Michigan University Spalding Hall Isolation/Quarantine team was selected to receive a 2021 NMU Distinguished Team Award.

Team members were Jonathan Bauers, Garrett Brugman, Megan DeChambeau, Christopher Kirkpatrick, Jason Laxo and Kris Patterson of the Health Center; Kash Dhanapal of the Dean of Students Office; Rick Doucette, Kyle Hawn, Brett Nelson, Glenda Ross and Timothy Schmeltzer of Housing & Residence Life; John Eagle, Alden Griffus, Daniel Lynch and Paul Schoonveld of Dining Services; and student Traci Belair. 

The group developed a plan for setting up an empty dormitory as an isolation and quarantine facility for the 2020-21 academic year. They ensured that the rooms were equipped with bedding, towels, fans, refrigerators, microwaves and food bags. They developed a system that allowed for a seamless entry into the building and for one to secure a key and proceed to their room. There was timely follow-up with the students when issues arose. 

The team was also responsible for all meal deliveries. An app was utilized through the dining system for the residents of Spalding to order their meals twice daily. Once the order was placed, the dining staff prepared and packaged the food by room number. The athletic trainers then delivered the food along with any other items that needed to be delivered to the residents. 

Once students were discharged from Spalding, a crew would go into and spray the rooms, pull all the bedding and unused packaged food, disinfect hard surfaces and reset the room for the next individual. At its peak, there were sometimes 10 or more rooms being turned over in a day or two. 

“Doing all this, along with all the other details that needed to be addressed in Spalding, was a daunting task,” stated the team's award description. “This group didn't waiver. They knew what had to be done and did it without hesitation.”

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