McNair Scholars Present Research

The 2019 McNair Fall Symposium will be held from 12:15 - 4:15 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6, in Mead Auditorium in the West Science Building.

McNair Scholars will deliver 10-minute talks on their summer research endeavors. These talks are open to the public and are an excellent opportunity for students interested in McNair to learn more about the program and connect with staff and other students. Refreshments will be provided.

Presenters and their research projects are:


Katie Bortz - Biology

African Freshwater Crab Systematics: The Taxonomic Status of the Genus Potamautes


Abdi Haji - Environmental Studies

Novel Approaches to Improving Public Transportation in Rural Communities


Lexu Arroyo - Medicinal Plant Chemistry | Biochemistry

Rapid Diagnostic Assay with Colorimetric Detection for HIV, using Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification with Targeted Nucleic Acid and Gold Nanoparticle Reporter System


Jordan Wallace - Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Testing Artificial Gene Control via Designed DNA Looping in Living Bacteria


Cynthia Benson - Criminal Justice

Patterns of Justification: An Analysis of Resignation Letters Written by Male-on-Male Child Molesters within the Boy Scouts of America


Mandy Joslyn - Forensic Biochemistry

Detection of the Necrobiome Following Human Decomposition


Rachel Bazen - Neuroscience

Haptic Distal Spatial Perception Mediated by Strings: Perception of Planar Object Shape from Motion


William Soper - Economics

The Mathematics Behind Social Sciences


Kim Santiago - Biology: Pre-med

Assessment of Dynactin Expression in Presynaptic Motor Neuron Terminals of Mice Deficient in Muscle-synthesized BDNF


Ryan Meister - Economics

Migration in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (2006-2015)


Sara Larson - English

Creation of Tales of the Crew of the Meili Vol. 1


Isabelle Tavares - Environmental Studies & Sustainability

American Society of Magazine Editors: Editorial Internship with Reader's Digest


Amanda Marinoff - Art & Design : Painting

Thoughts and Processes


Malachi Tripaldi - Anthropology

An Almost Micro-usewear Analysis of Beaver Island Lithics


Chris Kailing - Biology: Ecology

Using Local Knowledge to Optimize Live-Capture of American Marten

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