New Freshman: 'After My Campus Visit, I Knew!'


A well-known fact in the recruitment and admissions office at Northern Michigan University is that the campus visit is a key factor in attracting students to NMU and Marquette. Adeline (Addi) Pavlo had heard great things, but it wasn't until she set foot on campus that she was convinced NMU was the place for her.

For Addi, a social psychology major for Hartland Mich., it was the tour she had of campus during the summer. “I got the chance to tour campus and meet different faculty members. I remember thinking how beautiful the area was, along with how nice and welcoming everyone was. That campus tour provided me with enough clarity about how life would be at Northern.”

Ultimately, Addi decided to attend NMU because of the closeness of the community. “I knew I wanted to attend a university, but I was turned off by the usual overwhelming environments of most campuses. NMU provides the typical college feel while still being able to create a comforting, home-like environment, which I think most universities fail to do.”

Addi is interested in becoming a user experience researcher and is taking classes to focus on this very niche field. “I have found that NMU provides many resources to help us succeed. The professors are always willing to help and I am now close friends with the staff of Career Services Office since I am there so often seeking advice. One of my professors even connected me with a professional in the field so I could ask questions.”

Addi learned that getting out of her comfort zone is something that makes life is more enjoyable. “For me, this all started when I moved 7 hours away from home to attend college. Now, I try to take advantage of every unique opportunity that is available to me. Life is more rewarding and enjoyable when you adventure outside your norm!”

Now vice president of Northern Arts & Entertainment, Addi is very involved across campus. She is a participant in the Student Leader Fellowship Program, is part of Superior Edge, enrolled in the Honors program, works at the Center for Student Enrichment as a Superior Edge/Volunteer Center Coordinator and is a member of PRSSA and Psi Chi.

“Being a part of these groups has aided my experience here to a level that I cannot even explain. I have made so many friends and great memories through these groups, they are part of the reason I wake up every day excited. Being part of NAE, specifically, has taught me so much. I have learned different skills I never would have even imagine learning (contracting, negotiating, etc.) NAE even made me change my career focus because I realized how much I love talking to people and researching information to produce the best outcomes. Clubs and such provide countless opportunities that one may not even realize are there in the first place.”

For Addi, that first visit seems so long ago and as she reflects on how little she really knew about Northern at that point, but she knows that the decision to attend was one of the most impactful decisions she has made in her life. Her advice is simple: “Come Visit!”

Pavlo enjoying a Superior sunset
Pavlo enjoying a Superior sunset
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