New Ticket Prices for Longer Days Luncheon Event

Ticket prices for the hospitality leadership program's Longer Days Luncheon: A Culinary Community Festival, held on March 31st in the Northern Center Ballrooms are now available for only $75. With this change, the hospitality program aims to make the event more accessible to members of the public. Tickets can now be purchased at this new price on the NMU ticketing website. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door.


Longer Days Luncheon is part of the series of events developed by the events management course in the hospitality leadership department. All course events are student-led and planned, from menu creation and cooking to decor and entertainment components. This event will feature action stations that represent a collaboration across the future industry professionals within the hospitality program. At these action stations, guests can expect to taste regionally inspired foods, ranging from Korean to French dishes. Each event ticket also includes two drink vouchers which can be used at the event's bloody mary and mimosa creation stations.


The event is themed to prepare attendees for the longer summer months ahead. With spring decor, the event will feature community seating and games to encourage conversations among guests. Groups of any size are encouraged to attend this event. No dress code is required, but Sunday best is encouraged.


This event is the second in what will be a three-event series during the Winter semester at NMU. The next event in the series is the Legacy Dinner, which will occur on Friday, April 19. Ticketing for this event is limited to only 36 tickets, which can be purchased via the NMU ticketing page. For more information on this event, individuals can join the Facebook event page.

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