NMU Announces Faculty Reassigned Time Awards

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Five Northern Michigan University Faculty Members have been selected as Reassigned Time Award recipients for the fall 2024 semester. Each award provides up to four credit hours of release time to support scholarship activities.

The recipients' names, departments and research proposal titles are:

Monica McFawn, Department of English, “Laughing in Unison: Sketch Comedy and Whole-Class Collaboration”

Kia Richmond, Department of English, “The Development of Mental Health Awareness and Social Emotional Learning in Adolescents through Young Adult Literature”

Alex Wilson, Department of Chemistry, “Chemical Profile and Biocontrol Potential of Endophytes Harbored in Radula complanata (leafy liverwort) from Michigan”

Yan Ciupak, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, “A Book Project <Working with the dying and grieving: Principles, cases, and tools>”

Cory Toegel, Department of Psychological Science, “Evaluating Self-Control and Impulsive Choice in Animal Models”

The NMU Faculty Grants Committee reviewed submitted proposals and recommended five for funding. Lisa Eckert, dean of Graduate Studies and Research, notified the recipients.

NMU Rassigned Time Awards are intended to support faculty scholarship—problem-solving through conceptual models involving discovery, integration, application and/or teaching, which is presented and evaluated via peer review. Applicants declare a specific scholarly goal, consider its potential impacts and possibilities for future development with external support resources, and apply for an award to release time of between one and four load credits, lasting one academic semester.

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