NMU Compiles Evidence for Accreditation Step

As the next step in maintaining institutional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission, members of the NMU community will be asked over the current academic year to provide input and evidence demonstrating that Northern continues to meet accreditation standards.

NMU will compile the information to submit an assurance argument demonstrating its excellence to the HLC and peer reviewers from other institutions in October 2020.

Northern previously transitioned from AQIP to the 10-year Open Pathway accreditation cycle through the HLC.

“The mid-cycle assurance argument we are preparing to submit will be more evidence-focused than a narrative on processes,” said Dan Cullen, associate director for accreditation and assessment. “It will cover university-wide operations, including our mission-driven service to the state and community, academic, student services, finances and more. We will need to provide meeting minutes, policies, course catalog information—any evidence that shows we meet all standards in the HLC criteria for accreditation.”

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment is leading the effort, collaborating with faculty authors Kathryn Johnson from History and Shaun Thunell from Radiography. They will call on NMU community members to answer questions, provide evidence and review work.

As part of HLC Open Pathway, a team of peer reviewers evaluates each participating institution's assurance filing in year four of the 10-year cycle and makes a recommendation as to whether the institution meets the criteria for accreditation.

In years five through nine of Open Pathway, schools design and undertake a quality initiative project approved by HLC peer reviewers. The 10th and final year features a comprehensive evaluation for reaffirmation. For more information, visit HLC Open Pathway. View NMU's accreditation information here.


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