NMU Environmental Science Ranked 36th in Nation

Pre-pandemic hydrology class

Northern Michigan University ranks 36th among the nation's best bachelor's degree programs in environmental science, according to a national ranking released by Study.com. NMU's environmental science degree features an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students for a variety of careers in physical and natural science by emphasizing applied environmental science knowledge, skills and abilities.

NMU's environmental science program immerses students in the study of resource conservation and how natural systems function. Students address contemporary issues like sustainability, climate change, pollution control, and renewable energy.

The university provides a wealth of opportunities for hands-on learning such as mapping vegetation change using geographic information systems or monitoring water quality in streams and climate change near Lake Superior. Students can also participate in faculty-led study abroad programs to learn more about sustainable agriculture, forest resources and human–environment interactions while taking classes in Cuba, Brazil, or Scotland.

“NMU is a terrific place to study many dimensions of the environment because of our caring, committed faculty and the stunning natural outdoor classroom just beyond the walls of the science buildings,” said Susy Ziegler, head of the Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Department. “Our students love the active learning approach to experiencing, not just hearing about, how to measure and interpret environmental change. They graduate with essential knowledge and skills that help them support Planet Earth.”

Students in NMU's environmental science program acquire a comprehensive understanding of how physical, biological and social systems interact. They also develop a working knowledge of assessment techniques, research methods and management strategies used by private firms, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to address issues in environmental science. Learn more about NMU's environmental science major here.

Study.com's school ranking lists are created using a proprietary ranking system that includes data from the U.S. Department of Education and school details, according to its website. The rankings focus on quality school programs that provide a high-value education, while still being accessible and affordable.

“To compile this list we considered hundreds of universities across the country and selected Northern Michigan University based on academic and career resources, the quality of education, faculty and more,” wrote Study.com's education research manager in an email notification. 

View the full Study.com ranking of best bachelor's degrees in environmental science here. Learn about more NMU Study.com rankings here.   

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