NMU Hosts Forensic Science Symposium

The Northern Michigan University Center for Forensic Anthropology and guests from the University of Salzburg, Austria, will give presentations on forensic science research on Tuesday, July 19. The public is invited to this free event, scheduled from 3-5 p.m. in 1322 Jamrich Hall. The presentations will be followed by an informal panel discussion during which audience members can speak with the researchers.

The order of topics being covered follows:

Forensic Taphonomy at NMU: FROST Updates, Jane Harris, director, NMU Center for Forensic Anthropology

Postmortem Protein Degradation to Estimate Time Since Death: Recent Progress and Future Challenges, Stefan Pittner, assistant professor, University of Salzburg, Austria

The Role of DNA Analysis in Modern Forensic Casework: Current Challenges and Research, Katarina Helm, molecular biologist, University of Salzburg, Austria

Necrobiome Succession in Muscle Tissue as a Potential Indicator of Postmortem Interval, Anna Wacker, Josh Sharp and Jane Harris from NMU.

Panel Discussion: Jane Harris, Josh Sharp, Stefan Pittner, Katarina Helm

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Kristi Evans
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