NMU Launches #WildcatsMeanBusiness Campaign

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Northern Michigan University has launched a #WildcatsMeanBusiness campaign to encourage the NMU and Marquette communities to support businesses that sponsor NMU events and programming, as well as local businesses owned by alumni.

“Whether it's purchasing gift cards from businesses that are temporarily shuttered, grabbing take-out for a meal at home or helping businesses that are courageously pivoting their operations to support healthcare workers, we can all do our part,” stated NMU President Fritz Erickson in a campus-wide email.”

Over the past few weeks, there have been several demonstrations of residents and entities supporting each other throughout the greater Marquette community in the face of extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19, Erickson said. He described that spirit of kindness and resilience as “part of our fabric as Wildcats and Yoopers.”

In the same spirit of goodwill, he said many have the opportunity to make an important difference for businesses during this challenging time.

“If you think about the last time you attended or participated in an event here on campus, chances are that experience would not have been possible without the support of a business in our community,” Erickson said. “These people are our friends, family and neighbors. They are Wildcats. … Now, during this unprecedented time and through the weeks and months ahead, many of these businesses need our support.”

Dave Nyberg, director of Corporate Engagement at NMU, said collaborative partnerships and service throughout the community and region are hallmarks of NMU's core values.

“Through the #WildcatsMeanBusiness campaign, Wildcats are rising to support the business and community partners that have continued to support student scholarship and the athletics, art and cultural programming that are essential to our campus vitality and community identity,” Nyberg said. “Northern remains committed to our business and community partners in weathering the unprecedented circumstances brought upon by COVID-19 and shares in the spirit of SISU that strengthens our collective resolve.” 

Visit this link to learn about Wildcat businesses during the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. NMU encourages individuals to share their support on social media with #WildcatsMeanBusiness.

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