NMU Nursing, ROTC Plan Mock Bomb Response

Media are welcome to cover a mock bomb simulation at Northern Michigan University's intramural fields (intersection of Lincoln Ave. and Wright St.) on Thursday, Feb. 27. The NMU School of Nursing, which typically holds trauma response simulations in a lab with mannequins, will for the first time collaborate with the ROTC Wildcat Battalion by staging a medical tent outdoors. 

A mock bomb will go off (no real explosion; just a sound over a speaker) and several cadets will act as victims with various injuries. Other cadets will ID victims, perform basic first aid and carry the injured across the field to the medical tent, where they will give condition reports. NMU nursing students, along with community nurses, will simulate trauma care that would be appropriate for each situation. A debriefing will occur after the exercise. 

We are told the best time for photos/video would be around 3:45, as the nursing tent begins operating at 4. 

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Kristi Evans
News Director

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