NMU Olympic Training Site Hosts Team USA Pro Day Event

Team USA Pro Day

Marquette, Mich.—The Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site will host a combine-style event on April 27 in the Superior Dome. The event is one of six stops the Team USA Pro Days series is taking throughout the country and participation is free and is open to any 18-24-year-old.

The Team USA Pro Days series is a joint effort between USA Weightlifting, USA Rugby, USA Cheer, US Rowing, USA Bobsled/Skeleton and USA Triathlon in an effort to expand their talent pools.

 “At USA Weightlifting, we are always working to expand our sport,” said Director of Grassroots Development Suzy Sanchez. “We're excited to discover the depth and range of talent on our university campuses and introduce new athletes to our weightlifting community.”

While each Pro Day will be hosted on a university campus, participants are not required to be enrolled or a student athlete to participate. Athletes identified for their potential talent will be individually invited to train with sport specific coaches in their area.

“With our current focus on reaching prospective triathletes at the collegiate and post-collegiate levels, USA Triathlon looks forward to partnering with Team USA to identify new talent through combines across the country,” said Tim Yount, Chief Sport Development Officer at USA Triathlon. “We have seen success at the highest levels of our sport through talent transfer from swimming, running and other sports, so we know there are opportunities to find the next great triathlon talent through this system.”

To register for the event, please visit teamusaprodays.com.

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