Riley Briggs (red) takes on Leandro Rodriguez

Marquette, Mich.—Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site wrestlers defeated the All-Navy team 14 matches to three tonight in a freestyle and Greco-Roman dual meet. The NMU-OTS squad earned nine wins by technical fall, four by pin and one match going the full two rounds.

Although the NMU-OTS athletes train exclusively in the Greco-Roman style, team members also competed in freestyle matches to allow the All-Navy team to prepare for upcoming events where they will compete in that style. The NMU-OTS team took the win in the freestyle portion of the competition with a team score of eight matches to one.

The Greco-Roman portion of the evening showed the NMU squad's experience at that discipline with all six of their wins coming by technical fall.

The All-Navy team is in Marquette until February 20 preparing for the Armed Forces Wrestling Championships February 21-25 held on the U.S. Army's Fort Bliss Base in Texas.

NMU listed first

79kg Spencer Woods over Luke Matheny: fall first at 2:52 of first
97kg Khymba Johnson over Noah Wicks: 15-4 TF at 1:28 of first
57kg Jacob Cochran loss to Kevan Gentile: 8-18 TF at 5:29 of first
57kg Dalton Duffield over Teron Woodson: 10-0 fall at :57 of first
70kg Adrian Gomez over Leandro Rodriguez: 12-2 TF at 2:52 of first
74kg Jesse Porter over Blake Borges: 6-3 decision
97kg Kaleb Gaede over Garrett Belinski: TF 10-0 :25 of first
97kg Tino Lopez over Noah Wicks: 8-0 fall at :34 of first
86kg George Sikes over Luke Matheny: 10-0 TF at 2:10 of first                                              

NMU listed first

77kg Britton Holmes over Jordan Ditro: 8-0 TF at 2:48 of first
55kg Randon Miranda over Bobby Raines: 11-0 TF at 2:03 of first
60kg Mason Hartshorn over Angel Oliveras: 10-0 TF at 2:13 of first
63kg Sammy Jones over Michael Hollingsworth: 12-0 TF at 1:51 of first
67kg Riley Briggs over Leandro Rodriguez: 10-0 TF at 1:17 of first
82kg Trey Hardy loss Austin Craig: 0-7 fall at 2:23 of first
87kg Keaton Fanning over Garrett Belinski: 10-0 TF at 1:12 of first
77kg David Prado loss Jordan Ditro: 15-16 fall 4:10 of second

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Mike Kaurala
NMU-OTS Operations Manager

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