NMU Students Make Special Deliveries

NMU students Sydney Wickstrom and Mackenzie Meyer (second and third from left) make a delivery to Bothwell personnel.

Northern Michigan University students have delivered cookies and brownies to various Marquette locations to express appreciation on behalf of NMU for the above-and-beyond efforts demonstrated by teachers, first responders and nursing home staff members during the pandemic.

The Center for Student Enrichment and NMU President's Office collaborated on the initiative. Dallas St. Onge, volunteer coordinator for NMU's Superior Edge program, said this week's deliveries represent a second phase of showing gratitude to community frontline workers. NMU had previously delivered sweet treats to UP Health System-Marquette employees in early December.

“We wanted to thank the people who have been in the heat of all of this since day one, and what better way to do it than with cookies and brownies?” said St. Onge, who coordinated the show of support. “We came up with a list of 12 places and called them before placing the catering order with NMU Dining. All were so were so happy that we were thinking of them.

“The President's Office wrote very thoughtful notes to accompany the deliveries. It was an honor to show our community frontline workers how much NMU cares about them. The entire CSE [Center for Student Enrichment] has come together to help with the deliveries and it has been amazing.”

Most of the deliveries took place today (April 8), with a couple more scheduled for April 9.

The 12 locations selected were: Sandy Knoll Elementary, Superior Hills Elementary, Bothwell Middle School, Marquette Senior High School, Marquette Alternative High School, Brookridge Heights and Norlite Nursing Homes, the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans, the Marquette Fire and Police Departments and the Marquette County Sheriff's Office.  


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