Pre-Professional Students Accepted


Three students from Northern Michigan University's pre-professional programs have been accepted by universities to complete their advanced education following their graduation in May.

The students and their future programs include: Lauren Elmblad, pre-dental, University of New England Dental School; Nicole Moore, pre-dental, UT Houston Dental School; and Callee Akin, pre-vet, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Elmblad became interested in the dental/medical field after job shadowing her dentist in her hometown of L'Anse..

“I noticed how high of a need there is for dental care in the Upper Peninsula,” said Elmblad. “I want to pursue a dental career because I would like to bridge the wide gap in healthcare disparities throughout underserved populations. The art of helping others achieve a beautiful smile while simultaneously working with my hands is my dream profession.”

Her most memorable experience throughout her time at NMU was going on a health-related service trip to Belize in 2018. “I am so happy that I chose to attend NMU. It's pre-dental program has opened so many doors for my future in dentistry. Through being the pre-dental club president and networking with others in the pre-professional students and faculty, I can honestly say that I have gotten the most out of my education and extracurricular experiences.” said Elmblad.

Elmblad will graduate with a degree in microbiology and a minor in Health and Nutrition. She will begin dental school at the end of August.

In Moore's time at NMU, she said Northern has given her many opportunities related to dental school. NMU's pre-dental club has provided ample opportunity for volunteering, shadowing local dentists, tips on applying to dental school and that is just the beginning. Through NMU's Student Leader Fellowship Program, she planned a year-long internship with Planned Parenthood, introducing her to health care issues and lack of access.

Moore became fascinated with the dental profession after being hit in the face with a baseball bat, breaking her front teeth at the age of eight. “They fixed my teeth like brand new in one sitting.”

“When it came time for me to apply to dental school, NMU's program has a Board Interview with dentists and professors, so that they could write a Board Certified Letter of Recommendation for my applications. All of these are just icing on the cake compared to the personal attention and support that NMU was able to provide me throughout my four years here. I have always felt valued, and that gave me both the skills and attitude to be a successful Dental School applicant” said Moore.

Moore will graduate in May of 2020 with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology and a minor in film studies. She will start dental school in August and will participate in a dual degree program where she will get her Masters in Public Health concurrently with dental school.

Akin has always had a passion for animals. She specifically recalls being in the third grade when she accompanied her grandmother to take her dog to the vet. “Being in the office and watching the vet work with animals sparked my interest in the profession even more.” said Akin.

“NMU has done an amazing job at preparing me for my next step.” said Akin. “The pre professional program has given me opportunities to grow as an individual.”

Her junior year, she left her comfort zone and attended an animal care service trip over Spring Break to Cusco, Peru. “The trip was life changing. I got hands on experience with animals in an underserved area. Seeing the culture of somewhere so different from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan gave me a whole new view on the world.”

Akin will graduate in May of 2020 with a bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration in Physiology. She will begin her program in September.

For more information on NMU's pre-professional programs, click here.

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