SHINE Complements New Degree Program

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NMU's Sustainability Hub for Innovation and the Environment (SHINE) complements the College of Business' new bachelor's degree program in sustainable business and enterprise creation. Professor and SHINE Interim Director Jes Thompson calls it a “Swiss army knife” academic major because of its broad, interdisciplinary approach.

“That would have been the major I had chosen if it were offered at Northern when I was a student,” she said. “There's a book I love titled Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. It explains the drawbacks of overtraining students ad nauseum in one area and emphasizes the importance of cross training for a complex world. SHINE captures that spirit. We're trying to help develop creative problem solvers capable of taking on leadership roles.”

The title of the program reflects a way of doing business that makes profits through means that reduce harm to society and the environment. It turns challenges into business opportunities that serve a triple bottom line of profits, society and the environment.

More information on the degree is available in the undergraduate bulletin. Read a feature story on SHINE's mission and goals here.

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