Stencil Honored for Service to Oakland County Parks

Dan Stencil (Clarkston News photo)

Dan Stencil, a 1976 NMU graduate, was recently honored twice in two days for his 43 years of service to Oakland County Parks: first by being inducted into the mParks Hall of Fame in Canton; and then with a plaque dedication at the Oakland County Farmers Market in Waterford.  

Stencil earned a bachelor's in park management and recreational planning and returned to Independence Township. He served in various capacities with Oakland County Parks from 1977 until his retirement in 2021, spending the last 15 years as executive officer. His career was defined by his dedication to develop and maintain the parks. 

Promoted from assistant park supervisor to general maintenance mechanic, Stencil continued to move up and became recreation program supervisor, chief of parks, administrator of parks, recreation operations and finally executive director. Local support for his actions and the support of the parks came through in 2020 when two parks and rec millages, like the 106-acre facility of Holly Oaks ORV Park, passed with more than 75% approval from residents.

Stencil now lives in Florida. Read the full story on his honors at

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