Wiese Named to Forensic Science Task Force


Marquette County Prosecutor and NMU alumnus Matthew Wiese (BS '84) has been appointed to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's new Task Force on Forensic Science. The task force will submit a final report of recommendations on strengthening the use of forensic science in the criminal justice system to the governor and Col. Joseph Gasper, Michigan State Police Director and 1997 NMU alumnus.

The proposals may address ways to improve the practice, delivery and use of forensic science; create statewide protocols for disclosure of negligence or misconduct by employees at forensic science providers; develop a process allowing members of the public to report alleged professional negligence or misconduct related to the practice or use of forensic science; adopt best practices for individuals who practice or apply forensic science in the criminal justice system; and create a post-conviction notification procedure for parties affected by misconduct, negligence, or misapplication of forensic science.

Wiese earned a bachelor's degree in political science, with a general speech minor. His term on the task force expires Dec. 31.

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