Young Wildcat Scholars Program Resumes

Young Wildcat Scholars on campus

Northern Michigan University's Young Wildcat Scholars (YWS) program resumed last month after a three-year hiatus related to the pandemic. YWS brings together 6th graders from all of NMU's charter schools to help them gain a better understanding of higher education and what Northern and the Marquette community have to offer.  About 300 students participated in educational opportunities and group social activities.

The program was co-directed by Lisa Ackland, compliance coordinator for the NMU Charter Schools program, and Laura Kennedy of NMU's School of Education.

“The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for the NMU Charter Schools' 6th grade students to visit the NMU campus, provide a pre-college experience, and to see themselves on campus with the potential of becoming an NMU Wildcat in the future,” Ackland said.

This year's Young Wildcat Scholars participated in a presentation on college readiness. They also took classes on and off campus about Upper Peninsula history, biology, social studies and broadcasting. Fun group activities included Sugarloaf Mountain and Presque Isle hikes.

Learn more about the Young Wildcat Scholars program, as well as NMU's Charter schools here.



Sugarloaf hike
Sugarloaf hike
A class held during the YWS program
A class held during the YWS program
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