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Northern Michigan University is hosting the 2022 McNair Research Symposium from 3-7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, in the Founders Room of the Northern Center. Seventeen scholars who participated in a diverse array of summer research and scholarly activities with their NMU faculty mentors will give presentations on their work. 

The McNair program is a federally funded TRIO program for first-generation students in need of financial support, or from a group that is traditionally underrepresented that show a strong academic potential. It is designed to prepare students for doctoral programs through the involvement in research and other scholarly activities.

The NMU McNair Scholars, followed by their presentation topics and faculty mentors, are:

Adan Mulvaney, “‘The Program is Lucky to Have Us:' A Deeper Look at the Identity, Dignity, and Gender of the American Girl in Scouting” with Joshua Ewalt of Communications and Media Studies.

Baylee McLevis, “Chemical analysis of bullet degradation as the result of exposure to byproducts of human decomposition” with Jane Harris of Forensic Anthropology.

Bryce Yacos, “How Reading Narrative Literature Affects Empathy Among Freshman and Senior Undergraduate Students at a Rural Midwestern Postsecondary Institution” with Kia Richmond of English.

Brynn Anderson, “LC-MS profiling of the nightshade black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) at different growth stages and discovery of new and possibly medicinal alkaloids” with Maris Cinelli of Chemistry.

Colton Gschwandtner, “Interrogation of CB1 and CB2 Receptor Signaling in Living Mammalian Cells” with Even Pratt of Chemistry.

Dominick Dotson, “The Effects of Datura metel on Honeybees” with Maris Cinelli of Chemistry.

Gwen Murray, “Geometric Investigations of Mandelbrot Orbit Combinatorics” with Associate Professor Joshua Thompson of Math and Computer Science.

Hannah Kuehnau, “The Effects of Planner-Aided and Mindfulness-Based Positive Psychology Training on College Students' Wellbeing and Self-Efficacy During COVID-19” with Yan Ciupak of Sociology.

Joslin Brown, “Decolonizing as Sustainability: Cultures of Colonialism, Circles, and Care” with Ryan Stock of Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences.

Katie Durham, “Calculating Maggot Mass Temperature in Covered and Uncovered Human Remains” with Jane Harris of Forensic Anthropology.

Kayin Iiagan, “Agile Development of Android Application for Recycling” with Andy Poe of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Kristian Choate, “Integration of a Locked Nucleic Acid into Self-Annealing Loop Primers for Optimization of Peptide Nucleic Acid-Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification of IDH1-R132H” with Paul Mann of Clinical Lab Sciences.

Lorynn Hackert, “COVID-19: Impacts on Behaviors Among English Students at a Midsized Midwestern University” with Kia Richmond of English.

Mandy Bonesteel, “Corrections Officer Turnover at Marquette Branch Prison During the COVID-19 Pandemic” with Yan Ciupak of Sociology.

Micah Benjamin, “Covid-19 VS. Higher Education: Understanding the Exigencies Through the Student's Perspectives in Online Learning” with Dawn Lundin of Nursing.

Sophia Rodman, “Effect of Early Thermal Environment of Subsequent Metabolic Characteristics in Juvenile Brook Trout” with Jill Leonard of Biology.

Weiland Dyer, “Psychoactive Treatments in a Mouse Model of PTSD” with Amber LaCrosse of Psychological Science.

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