January 2022

Listening Sessions Provide Valuable Feedback

Jan. 31, 2022 —
The Northern Michigan University Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) recently held listening sessions with various constituency groups. Faculty, staff and students, alumni and community members, and former NMU trustees were given the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding important characteristics for NMU's next president. About 250 people took part in one of seven virtual sessions that were scheduled, each lasting one hour.

NMU Partners on Mink Microbiome Study

Jan. 25, 2022 —
A recent study found a dramatic difference between the microbial diversity in guts of female and male American minks, suggesting an unexpected sexual distinction in the gut microbiomes of carnivores. Diana Lafferty, assistant professor of wildlife ecology at NMU, was first author on the paper. She said the finding is critical to informing future study design.