Shipping Container Aids Indoor Ag Program

Sep. 7, 2021 —
Northern Michigan University's indoor agriculture program has received a special delivery to enhance education, research and partnership opportunities. A new shipping container that houses a state-of-the-art growing center is located just outside of the Jacobetti Complex. Its operation will be supervised by students and the produce it generates will be distributed to NMU's hospitality management program and campus dining facilities.

Campus Closeup: Emily Lanctot

Sep. 7, 2021 —
Emily Lanctot wakes up bright and early every day to devote an hour or more to doing what she loves: working in her home art studio. Some days, she spends this time conducting research for her artwork. Other days, she is hands-on in her creative mode, working on one of her many ongoing projects. These include a series for an upcoming show at the Copper Country Community Arts Center that revolves around domestic landscapes and architectural facades that become so familiar they go unnoticed.

NMU Among Top Grad School Programs

Sep. 2, 2021 —
Northern Michigan University is one of Abound's 2021 Top Grad School Programs. It earned the distinction based on qualities that most effectively address the needs of non-traditional students: affordability, flexible scheduling, a range of quality academic programs and degrees that help students advance in their fields.