Ngafeeson Applies Sabbatical Education to NMU

Nov. 18, 2021 —
Northern Michigan University Associate Professor Madison Ngafeeson recently completed a one-year professional development sabbatical, during which he enrolled as a full-time student in Harvard University's business analytics program. Now he is applying the knowledge gleaned from his experience to collaborate with NMU College of Business colleagues on shifting the computer information systems (CIS) program to data analytics.

NMU Library Hosts 'Spirit of the Hunt' Exhibit

Nov. 16, 2021 —
Northern Michigan University's Lydia Olson Library is hosting a multimedia art exhibit titled "The Spirit of the Hunt," presented in collaboration with Project Coyote. It is curated by Catherine Plank, a University of Michigan graduate student, and intended to promote discussion while highlighting the “beauty and values of wolves and other wildlife in the Great Lakes region.”