August 2021

Whalen Receives NEH Award

Aug. 25, 2021 —
Northern Michigan University English Professor Robert Whalen has been awarded a $300,000 Scholarly Editions and Translations Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The funding will support George Herbert: Complete Works, now under contract with Oxford University Press, the world's leading publisher of scholarly editions. This is the project's fourth NEH award.

NMU Requires All to Wear Masks Indoors

Aug. 24, 2021 —
Effective today (Aug. 24), Northern Michigan University has revised its mask protocol so that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks when indoors at all campus facilities. President Fritz Erickson said the change aligns with CDC recommendations for areas with "substantial" COVID levels. Marquette County's classification recently shifted from moderate to substantial.

Wildcats Support Girl's Lemonade Stand

Aug. 20, 2021 —
When 5-year-old Millie Gauthier fulfilled her wish of setting up a lemonade stand at her grandparents' summer home in Marquette, not far from campus at the corner of Spruce and Albert Streets, two NMU football players were among her first customers. The Wildcats not only paid generously for the lemonade, which was available by donation; they also texted their teammates. More than a dozen players showed up, helping young Millie earn a whopping $117 in the one-hour window her stand was open.